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Temporarily impaired from driving? Do you have a vehicle? Do you live in Chilliwack or surrounding areas?

We have the solution
to get you and your vehicle home safely

Are you or will you be Impaired?


Whether it’s blood alcohol, fatigue or medications.
Don’t drive your car!

Pass your keys to us and we will drive you and your car home

Pass Your Keys

We can drive your
vehicle for you!

Let us drive you and your car home

Let Us Drive

We offer qualified designated drivers to give you a safe ride home.

Call us anytime. We are available 24/7/365


We are open all year, 24/7 and accept reservations.

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We connect impaired drivers with sober drivers to get them a safe ride home in the comfort of their own vehicle.

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Designated Driver Service

Designated Driver

A team of two designated drivers will arrive at your requested pickup location. One driver will drive you in your vehicle as well as any guests, pets, or children. The other driver will follow your vehicle …

Personal Driver Service

Personal Driver

We spend so much time commuting to and from work or appointments that it would be nice to not have to drive and be able to relax. With our personal driver service, you can do just that…

Airport Transport Service

Airport Transport

Our airport transportation service eliminates the stress of driving yourself to the airport, finding parking and getting your luggage from the parking lot to the terminal…

Vehicle Relocation Service

Vehicle Relocation

Need a vehicle moved? We can drive your vehicle with or without you from your requested pick up and drop off locations. Perhaps you’ve bought a vehicle from a dealership …

Wedding Transport Service

Wedding Transport

Make sure your guests have a safe ride home from your reception. Have your guests drive their vehicle to the ceremony so they can enjoy the wedding party no matter where it is …

Corporate Event Service

Corporate Event

Are you hosting a corporate event such as a charity fundraiser, golf tournament or company staff party. Our professional designated drivers will safely drive people home with their vehicle at the end of the night…

Elderly Assistance Service

Elderly Assistance

Enjoy the freedom of being able to ride if your own vehicle without having to rely on rides from friends and family. Our drivers can take you to the pharmacy, grocery store, medical appointments, hair salon …

Non-emergency medical transport

medical transport

If you have a medical surgery, dental or optometry appointment and will be unable to drive your vehicle after, you can hire us to drive you home with your vehicle…

Wineries Tour Service

Wineries Tour

If you want to enjoy several wineries in one day consider hiring a designated driver to chauffeur you and your friends around to tour the different vineyards. This service must be pre-booked in advance …

Standby DD Service

Standby DD

Are you hosting a small or large function? Our Standby DD Service is a great option to ensure everyone gets home safely with their vehicle, without the need to book ahead of time …

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