Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have any other questions about our designated driving service send us a message or give us a call.

How does your service work?

When you need your vehicle relocated to another location we have a solution for you. You can ride in your vehicle while it’s driven for you, or you can have it delivered without your presence. A team of designated drivers will arrive to your requested pickup location. One driver will drive your vehicle and the other driver will follow to your requested drop off location to pick up their team mate.

Which vehicle do I ride in?

Due to insurance guidelines, you must ride in your own vehicle as passengers are not permitted to ride in the chase vehicle.

How can I book your service?

Call or text (604) 283-8532 or use our online booking tool to book a MYDD.

Do you accept reservations?

Yes we do. Booking in advance is the best way to ensure you don’t have to wait for your safe ride home when you’re ready to go. Please see our cancellation policy under services for further information.

How much notice do you need to book your service?

We recommend giving us 1 hours notice as we service a large region but typically we can accommodate 30-45 minutes notice. Last minute bookings are first come first serve, reservations taking precedence.

What are your hours of operation?

Our company line is open 24/7. Our main hours of operation are 6pm-4am seven days a week. Service requested outside our main hours are based on driver availability and may have longer wait times due to the vast areas we service.

How are your rates calculated?

Please see our rates page for a breakdown on how our rates are calculated or try our rate calculator for an estimate.

What is the cost of your service?

Please see our rates page for a breakdown on how our rates are calculated or try our rate calculator for an estimate.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our drivers have square readers to collect payment. We can accept cash, MasterCard, visa, American Express, debit, apple pay, android pay and e-transfer. When it comes to accepting cash, our drivers may not have exact change.

Can I use your service if I don’t have a vehicle?

No. Due to insurance liabilities the only service we can provide is driving your vehicle.

If we have too many passengers to fit in our vehicle along with your driver, can extra passengers ride in the other vehicle?

No. Due to insurance liabilities passengers can only go in the customers vehicle.

Do you drive vehicles that have interlock devices?

Yes we do; however, you must have a brand-new mouthpiece in a sealed package for our driver to use.

Do you drive vehicles with standard transmission?

Yes. Please let our dispatcher know at the time of your booking so we can send a driver with experience driving a standard vehicle.

Can you drive my vehicle without me?

Yes. We do it all the time.

Can my dog ride in the vehicle with us?


Is it okay if our kids are with us?

Yes. All our drivers must pass a criminal record check before driving for MyDDride.

Can we make multiple stops along the way to our final drop off location?

Yes. If you want to drop friends or family off along the way that’s not a problem. When booking our service please let our dispatcher know ahead of time if possible. If you need to stop off at any stores or restaurants we can do that too. Please see our rates in regard to wait time fees and in transit fees.

How does insurance work?

Vehicle owners have the legal right to give care and control to anyone they choose but should make sure they have opted in for unlisted driver protection; however, MyDDride does carry insurance through ICBC to cover our drivers driving your vehicle.

Are your drivers employed through the company?

No. All our drivers are hired on as independent contractors. All our drivers pass a criminal record check and have clean driving records.


Why do I have to provide a credit card in order to book your service?

MyDDride provides service in a very large region. We have to take a credit card in order to protect our drivers from no shows, late cancellations and to ensure we have a payment method in case a customer is unable or willing to pay for their service at the drop off.
If we took bookings without credit cards and people cancelled without notice the company would potentially lose out on other bookings and drivers wouldn’t earn any compensation and as a result this service would not exist all year.

What if I don’t’ have a credit card. Can I still book your service?

Yes, however, we will require a deposit.

Is tipping mandatory?

Tipping is not mandatory; however, it is encouraged as our drivers are providing a service across the lower mainland and any extra compensation helps with the cost of gas. It is important to remember this service would not be possible without our team drivers.

Do you have customers that you will not service?

MyDDride reserves the right to refuse service to customers that are abusive to our drivers and dispatch. Our driver safety is very important to us, and we will not put our drivers in unsafe situations.


Do you provide service to large events?

Yes. We have several options that we can suggest for you. Please reach out to us and our sales manager will be able to assist you.