The Company

MyDDride is a registered and insured designated driving company in the Province of British Columbia.

We believe in honesty, transparency, integrity, and respect.
We are enthusiastic about what we do.

Whistler to Hope

We service the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley Region.

Customer Service

MyDDride thrives on providing the best customer service possible.


…are consistent, and our service is dependable.


… is professional and courteous.

is Important

We take every precaution to ensure our drivers and clients feel comfortable.

While our service is more expensive than other transportation options available, we save time and provide peace of mind.


Our Drivers

MyDDride finds designated drivers that are over the age of 25 and have ten+ years driving experience with clean driving records and a minimum of two years driving experience in BC. We do criminal background checks on everyone who drives for us as well. Our drivers are not employed through the company they are hired on as independent contractors. We believe in quality over quantity and hire only the best drivers to provide safe ride homes for our clients.

The Owners

Ryan and Rachel were both born and raised in British Columbia. In 2008 they met as most people now a days meet, online. The economy was in a recession, so they decided to venture over to Calgary, Alberta. In 2011 the two were married. After spending multiple years working nights in the corporate sector and hardly seeing each other the pair decided to find something they could do together. In 2014 they started doing designated driving for a company called the Driving Alternative also known as Keys Please. While driving for Keys Please they learned how rewarding it was to provide clients a safe ride home. In 2017 they decided it was time to move back home to British Columbia. The pair worked a year together in the traffic control industry but decided they wanted to get back to designated driving. After driving for a small company for eight months they realized there was a gap in the market. With their diligence and dedication, they knew they could fill that gap if they opened a company that could provide an elevated level of customer service with their core values.

In May 2019, MyDDride was established and began operations in July of 2019.

Ryan and Rachel love being in business together.

When they are not saving lives and promoting their company you can find them on the golf course or spending time with their three Boston terriers.

The Mascot

Pooky is a 12-year-old male Boston terrier who loves everyone and wants to help save lives. He is often along for the ride in the chase car while Ryan provides clients a safe ride home. He likes to think he is the supervisor of the Vancouver designated driver teams.