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Designated Driver Teams (Full and Part Time)

Requirements for both drivers:

  • located in the lower mainland of BC
  • Class 5 BC Drivers license
  • 10-15 years driving experience
  • 2+ years driving experience in BC
  • 1 team driver must be able to drive a standard transmission vehicle efficiently
  • Clean driving record and background
  • 1 team driver must have a fuel efficient reliable vehicle
  • cell phone with unlimited text and a data plan

Job description

MyDDride is a designated driving company that drives customers home in their own vehicles. To accomplish this we work in a client/chase driver pair and we are currently looking for teams in the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley area. Teams don’t have to live together but must be in a very close distance to each other. A reliable fuel efficient vehicle is a must for the chase driver. The client driver must be able to drive a standard transmission vehicle proficiently.

How does this job work:

MyDDride requires driver teams to assist our clients in getting their vehicles relocated when they are impaired or unable to drive their vehicles themselves.
MyDDride is open 24/7 and helps those who need a driver to drive their vehicle for them. When our service is requested we send the client a team of designated drivers to the requested pickup location. One of the drivers, known as the client driver will drive the clients vehicle for them to their requested drop off location. The other driver, known as the chase driver will follow their partner to the drop off address to pick them up.

All drivers are independent contractors. Compensation is based on a paid percentage of each trip taken plus tips. Drivers are paid weekly.

Do you have another job or have an ever changing availability? Maybe you’re retired, semi-retired and want something to do at night because you find yourself up late anyways. If you enjoy driving and meeting new people MyDDride could be suited to you.

Help us reduce drinking and driving in the lower mainland. You’ll get to have fun and get paid to do it!