Whether its for you or your guests, our goal is to get people home safely with their vehicles.

Our services include:

Designated Driver Service

Designated Driver

Do you have a vehicle? Are you unable to drive? We have the solution to get your vehicle home safely.

A team of two designated drivers will arrive at your requested pickup location. One driver will drive you in your vehicle as well as any guests, pets, or children. The other driver will follow your vehicle, in the chase car, to pick up his/her partner at the end of the ride. The drivers can do multiple stops or drop offs along the way, even those late-night fast-food cravings. Due to insurance liabilities no customers are allowed to be transported in the chase vehicle so the final drop off must always be in the customers vehicle.

Personal Driver

Life is busy. Our Personal Driver Service is intended to save you time from driving your vehicle by hiring a driver to drive your vehicle for you.

We spend so much time commuting to and from work or appointments that it would be nice to not have to drive and be able to relax. With our personal driver service, you can do just that. If your sleep deprived from long work days and need to catch up on some sleep let us get behind the wheel for you. If you have work e-mails or phone calls that need to be dealt with during that long commute home let us do the driving for you while you work.

Personal Driver Service
Airport Transport Service

Airport Transportation

Traveling can be stressful enough without having to worry about how to get to and from the airport. If you drive yourself than you have to find and pay for parking. Plus, you have to carry all your luggage from the parking lot to the terminal.

Our airport transportation service eliminates all of that. A team of professional drivers will arrive to your pickup location. One driver will chauffeur you to the airport in your own vehicle while the other driver follows. Your vehicle will than be returned to your home and the keys can be left where you request, or we can hold on to them. When you return back to the airport our driver will pick you up in your own vehicle.

Vehicle Relocation

Need a vehicle moved?

We can drive your vehicle with or without you from your requested pick up and drop off locations. Perhaps you’ve bought a vehicle from a dealership that isn’t ready to be picked up yet or you’re out partying with friends and not ready to leave but need your vehicle dropped off at home. In any situation that you find yourself needing your vehicle relocated we can assist in driving your vehicle for you.

Vehicle Relocation Service
Wedding Transport Service

Wedding Transportation

Are you getting married or attending a wedding? Make sure your guests are aware of their options for a safe ride home after the reception.

Have your guests drive their vehicle to the ceremony so they can enjoy the wedding party no matter where it is. By hiring a professional designated driver there is no need to worry about someone being the sober driver or not being able to find transportation to get home at the end of the night.

Book a MYDD

We connect impaired drivers with sober drivers to get them a safe ride home in the comfort of their own vehicle.

Local Calls: (604) 282-8532,
or call: (855) 693-7433

Corporate Event

Are you hosting a corporate event such as a charity fundraiser, golf tournament or company staff party?

Make sure your guests are informed of their options to get home after the event. Rideshares, taxis and public transit are options for people without vehicles but what about the people that drive their vehicles to the event and end up having alcoholic beverages. We have the answer to the question of who will drive my car home. The answer is MyDDride. Our professional designated drivers will safely drive people home with their vehicle at the end of the night. MyDDride can provide posters, business cards and table toppers for your event. Give us a call for more information.

Corporate Event Service
Elderly Assistance Service

Elderly Assistance

Enjoy the freedom of being able to ride if your own vehicle without having to rely on rides from friends and family.

Our drivers can take you to the pharmacy, grocery store, medical appointments, hair salon or over to a friend or family members house. If you have a vehicle and find yourself unable to drive as much as you used to, you can maintain your independence and we can drive you around in your vehicle for you.

Wineries Tour

If you want to enjoy several wineries in one day consider hiring a designated driver to chauffeur you and your friends around to tour the different vineyards.

This service must be pre-booked in advance. Please contact us for more information.

Wineries Tour Service
Non-emergency medical transport

Non-emergency Medical
Transportation Service

If you have a medical surgery, dental or optometry appointment and will be unable to drive your vehicle after, you can hire us to drive you home with your vehicle.

You will be given your drivers name and number that you can provide to the staff at your appointment as well.

If you are at work and you or one of your colleagues is hurt, or not well enough to drive their vehicle home we can drive their vehicle with or without them.

Standby DD

Are you hosting a small or large function? Our Standby DD Service is a great option to ensure everyone gets home safely with their vehicle, without the need to book ahead of time.

The DD teams will wait at the event and drive guests home when they are ready to leave. Once the guest has been dropped off the DD team will return to the event location to wait for the next guest to drive home.

Take this option one step further with our Diamond Standby DD Service.

This option can include a valet service, so your guests don’t need to worry about parking their vehicle at the event, along with security to keep an eye on the vehicles parked at the event. It can also include having a host stand to check your guests in and collect everyone’s keys. This ensures the company organizers are free from any liability to someone driving impaired and uninvited guests aren’t crashing the party. These services require pre-booking.

Standby DD Service

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